Hillson Rocker 2

Hillson Rocker II


Hillson Rocker 2 is a breeder’s bull, very correct, with style, a good coat, soundness of structure and supported on strong legs and feet. He is a bull to breed really productive suckler cows. We place maternal qualities as number one for importance as a cow stays in a herd for anything up to 20 years and yet a steer is gone in less than 3. A really productive suckler cow is like constructing a racing car, every part on it is there for a reason and can perform to the maximum of its ability only if every part is right. South Devon cows have a wonderful temperament to work with, amenable, cooperative and with exceptional abilities as a dam as well as converting grass into productivity probably better than any other breed.

Rocker was a very quick unassisted birth, from waterbag showing to and up and suckling in less than 20 minutes. His Dam has an exceptional record of calving ability and Rocker’s first calves have all been born quickly, unassisted and suckled by themselves, typical of Rocker himself.

His dam Hillson Hilda 18th has an exceptional record. She scores a maximum of 100% for both calving unassisted and having lively calves over her 8 calvings.

Her calving record 12-04-07, 29-04-08, 30-03-09, 24-03-10, 5-04-11, 28-04-12, 24-05-13, 2-05-14.

This cow functions like clockwork, is well behaved, easy to handle, never had her feet trimmed, she literally doesn’t get touched, she does everything herself, she milks well and her udder has remained this shape and size without deteriorating. She is a medium sized, well marbled, sound, hardy cow and breeds with a true depth that typically  comes from her famous Edmeston Hilda granddam line. She has a clean shoulder, a large pelvis, she calves very quickly and rears some of the biggest, strongest calves in the herd at weaning each year.

None of the Hilda’s, from my first Edmeston Hilda or any of her retained daughters right down the entire line has ever had an assisted calving ! Not many cow families could boast such a record. She is the sort of cow we all need and I am proud to use her as representative of the type of animal that I produce, namely cattle that work. Note: Hilda has never been fed corn, she is in her normal working condition off a grass only system.

Hillson Centurion 2 was the sire of Rocker and his dam Hillson Edna (726) also had a 100% unassisted calving record.

Hillson Hilda 18th


Hillson Herdsman I

herdsman andre correctie pc

Herdsman’s dam Hilda (237) has never had an assisted calving, it is an unusual female line in that they give birth to fairly small uninteresting calves and yet at weaning those calves develop into large, good quality cattle, this line is very productive and are excellent calf rearers.

His sire Wolborough Achillies particularly improved smooth shoulders, good calving and soundness of feet and structure.

Herdsman was small at birth and typical of this line, flourished in an amazing way. His qualities make him a good choice specifically for use in the dairy herd, for producing excellent dairy x sucklers or easy to handle dairy x beef, he has ample quality for the male side and a good temperament. He is a medium sized South Devon with not particularly heavy bone. His meat qualities are exceptional and his use best suited as previously suggested.

                                                        Hillson Herdsman 1 @ 38 months