At UK Sire Services our Bulls are housed in excellent, comfortable and airy conditions. We are happy with the quiet but firm handling of our bulls. They weigh and photograph every bull as he arrives at the stud and then again on leaving.

The Bulls are DNA tested if they haven’t been done.

Semen collection takes place in an adjacent barn and much thought and experience is used to get the very best results from each bull, all of which have their own characters and characteristics. The semen, once collected by allowing the bull to mount a “teaser” steer or heifer, is immediately taken to the laboratory for a preliminary assessment. If the semen is satisfactory at this stage it is then processed, diluted and frozen. A few days later, a straw from each batch is thawed and re-examined. If there is any doubt about the viability of the semen at this stage it is discarded.

The semen that passes all of these rigorous in house tests is then placed in a quarantine container and sent to the quarantine store for one month. This is a mandatory regulation to make absolutely sure that the donating bull is not incubating any disease at the time of collection. If the bull is, the semen from that collection will be destroyed.

At the end of one month’s quarantine in a special flask, the semen is then moved into the EU Licenced Main Store or On Farm Store for storage in a large container. The straws are counted, checked and catalogued in a database system for easy monitoring, management and access at a later date.

Other important company business includes storing it and distributing it
on our instructions.

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