Bull Semen

Semen available from Hillson Rocker 2. (Pictured below left and his Dam right)

The baby calves in the pictures are all by him pictured last autumn and taken again in April 2015 after being outwintered on their dams without shelter. They received 2.5 lb of creep/day and the cows big bale silage only.

.Hillson Rocker II  IMG_4746

Rocker’s trademark, like himself, seems to be quick, unassisted births and the calves all got up and suckled by themselves in very little time. None of his dam’s line ( Hildas) , over several generations, have ever had an assisted calving and neither had Rocker’s sire’s dam (Edna). His dam runs like clockwork and never needs any attention. The genes of all stock in the Hillsonherd have been bred in concentration to work and function under strictly commercial management which is the primary breeding aim using homebred bulls with successive generations of this trait bred into them.